Testimonials from Students

"On a recent 50 mile competitive horseback ride, I was watching people much younger than I am, popping the ibuprophen! My back used to give me a lot of trouble on long rides, but now I am so much more comfortable. I can tell that all the attention to alignment in yoga class has really improved my posture. Why don't more people try this?"

- Jean Audet
Endurance Rider

"My body felt tight, and my wife was telling me to "STAND UP STRAIGHT", so I thought I'd give yoga a try. After 6 months of practicing, my hamstrings are opening up, I feel much more limber, and I am much more conscious of my posture. Now I'm learning to do the stretches on my own, and it's a feel good thing for my body and mind. I find myself experiencing more equanimity as I go through my day."

- Sandy Martin
Retired English professor, Middlebury College

"I felt so comfortable in the Shoreham yoga class, even though it was my first time doing yoga. Each week I looked forward to the class, knowing that I would get a work out, have a good time, and emerge feeling relaxed. At first I thought yoga would be something I did just to keep my body supple for horseback riding, but after awhile it became clear that my yoga practice would mean so much more than that. Thanks, Joanna, for the wonderful introduction to yoga!"

- Dana Barrow

"As a psychotherapist, I know that yoga always helps me to be more compassionate and present for myself and others. The active postures energize me, the supportive postures are deeply restful, and the whole practice keeps me deeply grounded in my heart and body."

- Thomas Jackson
Therapist, father, long time yoga practitioner

"When I first started going to Joanna's classes it was to get more strong and fit, but it quickly became a much deeper experience. Through my yoga practice, I'm learning to be more patient and kind to myself and others. By breathing into each posture as it unfolds in my body, I am becoming more accepting of where I am in each moment, on and off the mat."

- Shari Brown
Herbalist, small business owner, mother

May Your Practice Benefit All Beings

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