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Yoga for Beginners

If you are new to yoga, or even just new to our studio, a great way to begin is to try a few classes with different teachers. Our teaching staff has decades of experience working with all kinds of bodies and minds. But each of us has our own approach to the practice, our own teachers and disciplines, and our own areas of expertise. So try a few different classes, and find an approach that intrigues and challenges you!

  • If you have physical restrictions, you might like Gentle Yoga, on Fridays at 10:40 am.
  • If you like the idea of moving from one pose to another, in a flowing manner, check out Vinyasa Yoga with Chessy, Fridays at noon.
  • If you are 60 plus, check out Ageless Yoga, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am.
  • If a deeply relaxing practice, supported by props, and staying down on the floor for the whole class appeals to you, try Yin Yoga with Sansea, Wednesdays at 10:30 am.
  • If you like being shown exactly how to do each pose, with attention to detail, try Iyengar Yoga with Joanna, Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, Saturday at 11 am.
  • If you are looking for a gentle, yet wide range of postures, for maximum freedom of movement, try Olga’s class, Fridays and Sundays at 9 am..

For more information call 802/388 1961
or write Joanna at

Super Gentle Yoga

Yin Yoga with Sansea Sparling

Wednesday Mornings, 10:30 - 11:45 AM

Gentle Yoga with Joanna Colwell or Olga Pschoor

Friday Mornings, 10:40 - 11:40 AM


The watchwords in Yin Yoga are compassion, non-striving, and kindness towards one's body.

Yin Yoga increases joint mobility in stiff hips, tight lower back, tense spine. In Yin Yoga, we support and cushion the large joints of the body with bolsters and pillows, so that each pose gradually relaxes, thus easing the largest joints of the body.

We pay elegant attention to alignment, as well as the individual differences in each person's anatomy, so each support arrangement is unique. Each person chooses the degree to which the pose is held. In a Yin Yoga class, students look may look quite different from one another. The pace is leisurely, the transitions gentle. The lubrication of any joints that may be growing stiff is gradual. Based on familiar, un-exotic poses such as Seated Forward Bend, and Cobra, Yin Yoga increases circulation of healing fluids to the areas of the lower back, deep inside hip joints, and the top of the pelvic bowl. Balance issues in these poses are non-existent.

If you have been a runner, a skier, a biker, you may have discovered that as one ages, the strength of the muscles is the same, while the flexibility of the joints has decreased. There are yogic solutions for these issues: cushioning support, deep breathing, gradual entry and exit of poses.

Sansea has steadily deepened her Yin Yoga teaching vocabulary, training with Paul Grilley's emphasis on individual variations in bone and joint structure, with Bif Mithoefer, Yin Yogi, and Kaline Alayna Kelly, Thai massage therapist and Yin practitioner.

For more information call 802/453 3894
or write Sansea at

Ageless Yoga (for Seniors)

with Joanna Colwell

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings, 9-10:15 AM

This class is for anyone who would like to feel a little less stiff and creaky. Yoga improves posture, strengthens and lengthens muscles, increases bone density, and even aids digestion. Plus it's relaxing and fun. This class is geared for those 60 and better, but is open to anyone interested in learning to move and breathe with a bit more freedom.

For more information call 802/388 1961
or write Joanna at

Mixed Level Classes

with Joanna Colwell

Tuesday Afternoons, Noon-1:15 PM
Tuesday Evenings, 6-7:30 PM

with Olga Pschorr

Friday Mornings, 9 -10:30 AM
Sunday Mornings, 9 -10:30 AM

These classes are geared to be inclusive to beginners as well as more experienced students. Come prepared to work vigorously and relax deeply. Please see teacher bios for more information about our different styles.

For more information call 802/388 1961
or write

Joanna at

Challenging Classes

with Chessy Kelley

Monday Mornings, 9:30-10:45 AM

with Russell Comstock

Wednesday Evenings, 6-7:30 PM

Beginning and ending with a short meditation, this class encompasses an energizing flow of diverse asanas designed to link movement with ujjayi breath, to build concentration, strength, and flexibility.

Yoga for Anxiety

Mary Claire DeHavenwith Catherine Miller

Thursdays, 4:30 - 5:45 PM

This class weaves together yoga postures (asanas), breath practice (pranayama), hand positions (mudras), and meditation to inspire inner healing. Together we will practice acceptance of and become open to the various aspects of our inner worlds. Through mindfulness, non-judgement, and compassion, we will work towards embracing our whole selves. Come enjoy a calming, centering class that will strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. No experience needed, all are welcome!

For more information write Catherinee at:


with Becca Kodis

Mondays beginning September 16, 2019

3:30 - 4:15 pm - Ages 8-12

Join the amazing Becca Kodis for a fun filled practice of yoga for elementary school aged kids. Learn traditional yoga postures and breathing techniques while having serious fun with your yoga buddies. Come stretch, move, breathe, play, laugh and relax.

$10 per class, scholarships always available

Joanna Colwellprenatal
with Lisa Boeckman

Sundays, 3 - 4:15 pm
Starts September 22, 2019

Whether you're new to yoga or have an existing practice these prenatal yoga sessions will help you reduce fatigue, back pain, swelling and digestive disorders related to your pregnancy. We will focus on developing a strong and flexible physical body and calm mind as you prepare for delivery and beyond. Classes will include a guided centering, breathing exercise, a posture practice with modifications made as your pregnancy progresses, and a meditation to strengthen the connection with your baby. Classes will allow time to share questions and concerns with each other in a safe and loving environment. *No previous yoga experience is necessary. However, BEFORE you begin consult with your doctor or midwife about this and any exercise program.


with Linda McCuen

Mondays, 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Otter Creek Yoga welcomes Nia instructor Linda McCuen. Nia is a super fun workout for your body and mind that incorporates elements of dance and martial arts. Nia addresses the body’s five main sensations: flexibility, strength, mobility, agility and stability. You will sweat and smile, while moving your body to some truly amazing music. Everyone welcome: no dance experience necessary.

$14 per session (Please note: You may not use an OCY series to pay for Nia classes. Please pay instructor directly.)

For information please write:

May Your Practice Benefit All Beings

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